Enrollment and Eligibility Management

ProView leverages technology to accurately, safely and efficiently manage enrollment data.

ProView offers a Web-based enrollment solution that automates and simplifies the benefits communication and enrollment process. This gives employees a personalized, point-and-click enrollment experience in a centralized, online environment. The data collected by this process integrates with your payroll systems, without the hassle of data entry, and allows for electronic data transmission to your carriers and vendors.

ProView’s Enrollment and Eligibility Management include the following integrated components:

  • Online Enrollment - Friendly design and point-to-click functionality, allowing employees to:
    • Learn about their personalized benefit plan options or check on current coverage
    • Preview their own contributions and their employer's contributions to their health and welfare coverage
    • Enroll for benefits, with 24/7 access, from home or work
    • Update their personal and dependent information
    • Receive online and/or “live” customer service support
  • Eligibility and Data Management - Manages the enrollment data collected on an ongoing basis.
    • Streamlines data automation
    • Improves scalability for electronically transmitting enrollment and eligibility data.
    • Data Center used to store and process demographic and election information for electronic transmission and reporting
    • Data Transformation and Processing Center used to map, convert, and process inbound and outbound data to communicate with carriers, payroll and HRIS systems
    • Compare Management System for creating, managing, calculating and executing delta change files
    • File Scheduler maintains transformation schedule and automates the execution of all outbound data files and reports
    • Reports – Employee demographic and election reporting tool offers customized, scheduled reports for both internal and external purposes.
  • Enrollment Data Audit - Human strategic oversight plays a significant role in executing back-end audits to ensure that the carriers are complying with the terms agreed upon in the data transmission agreement. Our dedicated audit team:
    • Ensures that each file transmitted to a carrier has been received and loaded within 48 hours of receipt.
    • Ensures that each file has been loaded and an error report forwarded to ProView.
    • 100% review of all error reports.
    • Random telephone audits with carriers’ customer service representatives to verify eligibility.