Employee Call Center Services

ProView’s Customer Care Center can assist with inquiries about coverage levels, effective dates, etc. Additionally, we can help navigate through the enrollment process, as well as assisting callers with interpretation of benefit comparisons, etc. Active employees, retirees, dependents, and HR representatives are all users of this valuable service.

Our hours of operation are 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST. Expanded hours for peak periods are available. Additionally, we offer toll-free telephone numbers and customized phone script and protocols can be developed specific to our clients’ needs.

Our Customer Care Center (C3) Representatives are available to assist your employees and their beneficiaries with all of their benefit questions, and help them navigate through the confusing departments within the various insurance companies. Generally, our C3 Representatives can be reached via telephone or e-mail and can respond to:

  • Enrollment Questions – “When do I have to turn my form in?” “How do I access the online enrollment system?”
  • Benefit Questions – “What is the difference between an HMO and a PPO?”
  • Eligibility Inquiries – “My child is sick and the pediatrician’s office says the insurance carrier indicates my child is not eligible.”
  • Life Event Management – “I am getting married and want to know how to add my wife to my benefits.”
  • Claims Issues – “My insurance carrier sent me an explanation of benefits. Am I supposed to pay it?”
  • Enrollment and Open Enrollment Support – “I can’t understand my enrollment options online,” or, for some employers, support online enrollment with a paper-based enrollment process.
  • FSA-related questions – “How can I get approval for this purchase ASAP?”
  • COBRA-related questions – “How do I elect coverage?”