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Healthy Employees Make Healthy Employers™

“WebMD Health’s online health management tool was not only very easy to use, but very comprehensive and detailed. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it possibly saved my life. With WebMD’s Personal Health Manager I was able to identify a problem that even my doctor missed, and had it not been caught early would have been life-threatening.”

– School District Employee

Informed individuals are more likely to address potential health care issues early, comply with treatments and interventions, and adopt healthier behaviors.

Precept has partnered with WebMD Health to offer the WebMD Personal Health Manager™, a comprehensive suite of personalized online health management tools, giving employers and their beneficiaries access to personalized benefits and health information. With WebMD’s secure, confidential tools and resources, consumers make better informed health care decisions.

The WebMD Personal Health Manager includes:

  • Health Risk Assessment – a state-of-the-art health risk assessment tool called HealthQuotient™, scores an individual’s health status, calculates risk levels, and provides recommendations for health improvement and behavior change
  • Condition Centers – 36 different Condition Centers provide personalized resources to help users address risk factors, manage existing chronic and acute conditions and explore how medical treatments and lifestyle modifications can lead to improved quality of life
  • Personal Health Record – an online personalized health record that gives individuals and their family members the ability to store, maintain, and update health information in a centralized, confidential location
  • Lifestyle Programs – online, self-paced Smoking Cessation, Nutrition, Fitness, and Pregnancy modules that empower individuals to become healthier and more productive, and have lower costs that are associated with the development of chronic disease.
  • Hospital Comparison Tool – Comparative hospital information for selected procedures
  • Health Newsletters – WebMD’s time-tested newsletters are prioritized for the member, maximizing recurring communication and piquing member interest
  • Benefit Manager Tools – integrated suite of benefit decision-making tools including:
    • PlanCompare – Side-by-side comparison of plans, including financial terms, SPD overview, provider networks, and hospital networks
    • DrugCompare – Medication center, side-by-side cost comparisons, and Health Record integration
    • CostCompare – Interactive, whole-family utilization modeling, immediate graphical results, and customizable medical service categories
    • FSA Modeler – Model FSA contributions based on actual Cost Compare analysis, increase overall participation and contribution, tax advantages for increased FSA contributions

Click below to view screenshots of the WebMD™ Personal Health Manager: