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Precept offers employee benefits consulting, brokerage services, and CarePlus, an exclusive employee benefits solution suite. We partner with clients to develop strategies and solutions that improve employee health and productivity, reduce benefit administration burdens, and deliver sustainable improvements in annual costs and health outcomes.

Precept Group Consulting Services

Net Promoter Score

Our net promoter score tells us that our customers would recommend us to anyone they know - that we are trusted with the health and wealth of their most prized assets - their employees.

Top of Mind Initiatives for Employers

Cost Management

  • Minimize financial risk associated with providing health and wealth benefits
  • Meaningful use of company resources to produce the greatest return on investment
  • Keep necessary operating expenses at manageable levels

Non-Stop Operations

  • Minimize disruption to business operation
  • Focus on efficient and effective operating model
  • Utilize proven systems and metrics for measurement

High-Performance Culture

  • Attract, engage, motivate, and retain top talent
  • Improve health, wealth, and well-being of individuals and organization
  • Increase productivity, maintain loyalty, and decrease absenteeism

Improved Health & Well-Being

  • Reduce health risks in the employee population
  • Contribute to healthy employee lifestyles
  • Optimize health care usage and value

Tokyo Electron is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and "pays $11,800 per employee per year on health costs, but estimates the number would be $15,000 if it weren't for its Fitbit-focused wellness plan - with annual claims growth now running at 5%, down from 11% in 2008."

(Forbes - January 18, 2016)

Find out what your risk looks like.

Employer Regulatory Compliance

Find the most up-to-date information on how HR/ERISA compliance impacts your business with links to the industry's biggest sources.

Our national employee benefits division offers comprehensive ERISA Compliance Services, Flexible Benefits Administration Services, and Compensation Consulting.

Health Care Reform Guidance

Enjoy access to the most up-to-date details about the Affordable Care Act, how it affects your business and how it benefits your employees.

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