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We offer employee benefits consulting, administration and retirement plan services nationwide and support our clients in their pursuit of the high-value benefits to attract and retain employees while managing risk to deliver below industry cost trends. We assist employers in developing benefits strategies and solutions that engage employees in their health, reduce the cost and effort of administration, and deliver sustainable improved health outcomes that benefit everyone.

Benefits Consulting

From fully-insured to self-funded medical programs, McGriff Insurance Services has the consulting expertise to design the program that fit both your business objectives and budget. We have experienced internal resources including actuarial, underwriting, stop loss experts, clinicians, and compliance resources to ensure our clients have the best possible support. Also, we have excellent, long-standing relationships with insurance carriers and administrators across the country to deliver exceptional claims costs, lower administrative fees, and superior service levels.


Plan Design & Strategy

Flexible benefit plan designs and pricing help employers manage their costs, mitigate risks, reduce administrative burdens, and optimize their employee's experience. Our solutions are specifically designed to enable employers to offer valuable, comprehensive employee benefits while remaining fiscally stable. Also, we have extensive experience tailoring contribution strategies to ensure alignment between plan designs and health engagement programs.


Clinical & Wellness Consulting

Our clinical consultants deploy powerful analytics tools and capabilities to identify high risk, high-cost employees for targeted engagement communications and incentives, to review carrier and vendor disease/case management programs for effectiveness and efficiency and to mine medical and pharmacy claims data for savings opportunities


Underwriting & Actuarial Services

Our team of experienced underwriters and actuaries assess group risk, claims trends and drivers, create renewal projections and plan design recommendations and deliver certified IBNR reporting as needed. We have extensive experience in both fully-insured and self-insured environments and can assist employers in determining which is the right funding for them.


Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Our team of government and legislative experts monitors all aspects of both state and national regulations, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), to update, coach, and guide our consultants in their ongoing service to clients. Also, we can provide support for other federal and state compliance mandates involving ERISA, HIPAA, and FMLA through our national legal team.

Benefits Technology

By designing and communicating your employee benefits strategy in a way that improves overall employee value and understanding, while redirecting wasted health care expenses into valuable employee programs and benefits, we can increase the total value of your employee benefits program. Utilizing the savings from your benefits program for other employee rewards can improve your overall talent attraction and retention, while also improving employee health, wellness, productivity, and retirement readiness.

Benefits Administration

Employers of all sizes are challenged with maintaining and growing their businesses and often consider outsourcing parts of their benefits administration to take advantage of expanding their capabilities without increasing their expenses. When combined with our Enrollment Technology, this is an excellent option for companies looking to take advantage of best practices and economies of scale.


Enrollment & Eligibility Management

We provide online benefits information and enrollment tools that integrate with any existing program to more readily conform with all federal and state regulations. This reduces the administrative burden and risk of an employer's non-compliance with laws and increases accuracy in premium payments and enrollments.


Targeted Communications

A focused communication strategy helps employees make informed decisions about their health, increases engagement in healthy activities, and expands the perceived value of the benefits offered. Our communications strategy is designed to ensure clarity for all participants and desired health and participation outcomes.


Employee Benefits Call Center

Your employees will have access to call center agents that are trained on your health programs and are licensed by the California Department of Insurance. Our agents will answer all your employees' questions about their programs and work with carriers, partners, and vendors on their behalf.


Vendor & Carrier Integration

Vendor management, activity reporting, consolidated premium billing and invoice reconciliation, Electronic data exchange, customized integration with vendors, payroll, and HRIS systems are integral components of your program

Retirement Plan Services

We support employers looking to improve their retirement offerings and who have plan assets over $5 Million. With more than 70 years of combined investment consulting, plan management, and compliance advisory experience we provide unbiased, independent advice.


Plan Design

We build customized, cost-effective, and highly valued retirement plans that integrate with each company's total compensation strategy. This includes profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, defined contribution/401(k) plans, executive retirement plans, cash balance and retirement shares, open-architecture for mutual fund options, and more.


Fiduciary Risk Management

We use a comprehensive methodology that delivers measurable, repeatable, and predictable outcomes. Using our structured investment selection and monitoring process for clients' retirement plans, we guide fiduciaries to improve fiduciary decision-making.


Investment Advisory

Internal analysts prepare our customized and objective reports and are presented by investment consultants to committees to provide a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify best overall fund options so committees can take action to place fund managers/funds on a watch list for further review or to maintain, terminate, or replace managers/funds.

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