Meet Our Leadership Team.

We offer our partners the security and stability of a team that is committed to delivering on its promise to protect the financial and physical well-being of every organization that we serve and every associate that you employ. Our management provides the tenure and the subject matter expertise that is required to ensure that innovation, service excellence, and optimal results are delivered to every client.

We serve our customers with more than 160 employees located throughout California and an additional 100 employees throughout the U.S.

Karen Reid

Area President

Matt Swinnerton

EVP, Consulting Services & Growth

Douglas King

EVP, Consulting Services

Erin Hoefer

SVP, Consulting Services

Ronda Eckhardt

SVP, Consulting Services

Linda Bright

SVP, Retirement Services

Eric Yamashiroya

SVP, Underwriting and Procurement

Amy Rising

SVP, Health Management Services

Peggy ONeill

VP, Client Management

David Joyce

VP, Administration Services

Our Mission

Provide employers with an innovative enterprise platform that aligns all stakeholders to drive member engagement, wellness, consumerism, and prudent strategic retirement planning.

Our Vision

Improve the health and wealth of the people, companies, and communities we serve.

Our Core Values

Intelligent Innovation

  • We embrace change and constantly improve.
  • We approach the business with an entrepreneurial spirit – always looking ahead.
  • We believe fun is key to our creativity and success.

Culture of Caring

  • We care about our people so we can take the best care of our clients
  • We walk the talk when it comes to improving health & wealth
  • We go the extra mile and "Do the next thing" to serve our clients & colleagues


  • We are a team based on trust, respect, and humility
  • We are optimistic when facing challenges
  • We leverage our wide range of individual talents and expertise
  • We win as a team


  • We are dependable & transparent
  • We identify problems, find solutions, and own the outcome
  • We have grace, at all times